Why My Upholstery Get Dirty?

At PRIUS CARPET CLEANING We study that family’s spend most of their time in the living room. And most of it on the sofas in front of the T.V.

Most of the family activity accord in the living room. And that why sofas and love seat can get dirty easily And Catch Grease on the handles.

Sometimes in WARM PLACES like California we attend to sweat more often. And some of our body liquid soaking  into the Upholstery. And can create stains and bad odor as well.

Even Our Pets Love The Love Seat!

PETS Love to sleep on Upholstery’s. And their bodies produce amount of oils And Protein. That can cause some stains on the Upholstery!

How Do We Clean Upholstery:

At PRIUS CARPET CLEANING we use a Deep Cleaning procedure for cleaning Upholstery’s. And we apply it in this order:

  • Remove All The Pillows And Cushions Out Of The Furniture.
  • Vacuum First All The Dust,Crumbs,Pet Hair.
  • Apply Hot Steam Process And Brushing The Upholstery.
  • Extract All The Dirty Water And Debris From It.
  • Deodorize And Sanitize The Item.

We can Restore your old Sofa. And make it look Like New! Save your money and clean it instead of  buying new one!

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